WatchLock – the Waterproof Padlock that Protects your Remote Locations

Do you have a problem securing remote locations? Locations that have no perimeter protection as water lines, cellular sites, train depots and high antennas, as well as heavy equipment (machinety, boats, caravans, etc.) often pose security problems.

One important factor to consider when securing remote locations is the ability of the padlock used to withstand harsh weather conditions. WatchLock provides you with an ideal solution for this purpose.

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WatchLock: The Ideal Remote PadLock

WatchLock can be easily installed, without needing and special kind of wiring or interface with security or alarm systems. It works on batteries that keep its cellular and GPS capabilities functioning, providing you with the perfect monitoring of your assets. The WatchLock padlock informs you of any change in your remote locations – any break-in into your assets and any movement of them is reported.



·         Battery operated, remote padlock with no external power source required

·         GPS capabilities lets you know where it and your goods are at all times

·         Cellular technology communicates WatchLock’s status to your phone, computer
           or any connected device on the following actions:

o    Opened

o    Closed

o    Repositioned

o    Moved out of or into a predefined geographical area

o    Low batteries or when the battery is replaced

·         Robust design for enhanced protection against weather and thieves

·         Impact Indicator as an optional feature, providing you with an indication of
           break-in attempts



·         Get real-time* information so you can decide when your attention is warranted 

·         Robust first line of defense for protecting valuables

·         Ability to define and schedule the information for which you receive alerts

·         Reliable and functional worldwide coverage

·         Saves cost, time and physical intervention, with remote monitoring capabilities

·         Allows you to choose the communication device of your choice –
           cell phone, PC, or tablet



*Features described above are dependent external conditions, which are outside the manufacturer’s control such as satellites; cellular or other communication networks that may be influenced by weather conditions; frequency jamming; improper use or activity; interference; vandalism; destruction; etc.