WatchLock — the Smartest Heavy Duty Padlock Out There

WatchLock is the smartest heavy-duty padlock you'll find. Its unique features make it the ideal choice for a wide-range of purposes. As a heavy-duty padlock, it protects your property under the harshest conditions. But WatchLock is more than that. With its cellular communication abilities and GPS technology, WatchLock keeps you updated on its whereabouts anytime, anywhere. Other than protecting you property as a padlock, it also tracks and monitors your property. And it requires no special wiring or installation – all you need to activate it is batteries.


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The Heavy Duty Padlock That Keeps You Updated

If you need a heavy-duty padlock to secure a cargo container, fenced perimeter, heavy equipment, motorcycle, or prevent access to a remote cellular tower, why not get one that gives you more than protection? WatchLock gives you peace-of-mind with the information you need, alerting you to things such as when and where its been accessed; moved; or simply running low on batteries.