Become a WatchLock Distributor in your region!

What is a local dealer? 

A local dealer (or an “operator”) is a company that is authorized to sell WatchLock products and services, in its territory.

What type of services an operator is offering to its clients?
The operators can offer to their clients both protection services of assets and sites as well as management of containers or distribution of fleets and more.

Who are the potential clients?
For the WatchLock, the potential clients can be:

  • High security facilities, such as governmental facilities, army bases or airports.
  • Containers and tanker truck companies. 
  • Distribution fleet of vehicles, trucks and vans.
  • Security companies responsible for multiple and/ or remote locations.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Private clients.

What are the incentives of the clients to purchase the service?
The system can provide the user with a wide variety of performance reports and real-time alert. Customers that are using the service can cut back on supervision and inspection services, while the operation of the company becomes much more efficient. The security service drastically reduces the risk of theft of assets, in addition to providing the means to protect sensitive sites or remote locations.

What are the requirements from the dealer in order to start offering the WatchLock service?
The prerequisites of the local dealer to offer the security service are:

  • Set up a computer with a permanent IP address to function as the server of the system.
  • Purchase one SIM card per unit, which can use Internet GPRS data of up to 2MB and send 30 SMS messages per month (this can be optimized later on).
  • Established a control center that will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to handle the incoming emergency events (optional).

Do you need an evaluation kit?
Yes, and we highly recommend purchasing one in order to get a better understanding of the system and its abilities. The evaluation kit includes 2 units and a programming Cable. The cable enables you to program the unit to the local network, such as setting the GPRS parameters (APN, user name, and password).

Along with the kit you will also receive the following:

  • WatchLock software that will enable you to program the unit’s parameters.
  • Access to the web application (internet based).
  • Installation procedures and installation inspection and unit programming procedures.
  • Installer software manual.

I want to become a dealer. How do I start?
Contact us! You can do so either by clicking on the “Contact Us” link above, or by filling in the form on the right.